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Farmers Market Meal #9 – Ravioli Lasagna with Spinach

This post is the ninth in a series on meals prepared from ingredients purchased from the farmers market (previous post: Farmers Market Meal #8 – Corn and Bean Soup.) I’m fairly new to the farmers market scene. I’ve always had good intentions about purchasing local foods but never followed through because I felt lost walking through the stands wondering what to buy. I decided to combat this by coming up with a plan. Before going to the market, I research recipe ideas using seasonal ingredients with the objective of creating one easy meal with as many local ingredients as possible. This way, when I get to the market, I have focus. It definitely helps that my favorite market provides a sign up for weekly email updates about participating vendors and seasonal items.

Note: Last week, I made two meals because I knew I would not make it to my favorite farmers market the following weekend. This post is the second of those meals.

I often end up with left over ingredients. For example, when I made my poached eggs in tomato sauce, I had leftover sauce.  I also had leftover spinach purchased for salads to eat for lunch, which I tired of after only two days. At least with the pasta, I had the forethought to put it in the freezer. With the spinach, I would normally toss it in the compost bin content that it would have a second life as fertilizer. However, after reading the book The Kitchen Ecosystem by Eugenia Bone, which I mentioned in my previous post, I felt compelled to be more creative in my use of leftovers.

I feel really fortunate (and perhaps a little like I am cheating) to have a local pasta maker at my farmers market. Pasta can be mixed with so many things to make an easy meal. While at the market, I purchased ricotta-stuffed ravioli and cheese to combine with my leftover sauce and spinach to make a quick ravioli-lasagna dish, similar to this recipe posted by the Seasoned Vegetable.


I know I won’t tire of this meal the way I tired of the salads.