Farmers Market Meal #3 – Tomato Basil Pesto Pizza

This post is the third in a series on meals prepared from ingredients purchased from the farmers market (previous post: Farmers Market Meal #2 – Zippy Grilled Cheese). I’m fairly new to the farmers market scene. I’ve always had good intentions about purchasing local foods but never followed through because I felt lost walking through the stands wondering what to buy. I decided to combat this by coming up with a plan. Before going to the market, I research recipe ideas using seasonal ingredients with the objective of creating one easy meal with as many local ingredients as possible. This way, when I get to the market, I have focus. It definitely helps that my favorite market provides a sign up for weekly email updates about participating vendors and seasonal items.

I was uncertain what kind of meal I would create for this week, but then I thought of pizza. At the farmers market, I purchased a homemade pizza pie crust, tomato basil sauce from our local pasta maker, feta cheese, and pesto. To accompany the pizza, I also purchased bibb lettuce and strawberries, which just came into season this week. I enhanced the salad with mint from my garden and Newman’s balsamic vinaigrette from my fridge and topped it with a little extra feta.


The pizza with the tomato basil sauce and pesto was good, but the salad with the fresh mint and strawberries really made the meal for me.